About the Perth Colon Health and Wellness Centre

Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre provides exceptional customer care and service. Our mission is to enhance the lives of those we meet by providing the highest quality treatments and services to assist all our valued clients achieve a long, happy and healthy life.

The Perth Colon Health and Wellness Centre is a place where people come to improve the quality of their life through detoxing the body, detoxing the mind, and supporting people to reconnect to them selves.

Located conveniently in Bedford, Perth, Western Australia. The Perth Colon Health & Wellness Centre is the first clinic in Perth to operate the Libbe System (open system).

Our Practitioners

Alina Judge

Colon Hyrdotherapist, Alpha Shape technician, Demartini Method Facilitator specialising in the mind- body connection

I have a keen interest in helping people to achieve their greatest result through health & wellness. I am an advocate of natural therapies and look forward to encouraging you on your journey.

Jenilee Plummer

Colonic Hydrotherapist/ Remedial Massage Therapist

I have been working with the team at Perth Colon Health and Wellness center as a colon hydrotherapist since May 2013. I graduated in July 2013 from Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. I have a great interest in health and well being and believe it all starts from a healthy lifestyle and I love finding new natural ways to achieve this. I believe health education is a very important tool and it is something that I like to share with clients so they may hopefully put it into practice in their daily lives and they too may be able to experience the feeling of being happy and healthy. It is a satisfying feeling to see someone leave the clinic with a new outlook on their health which in turn can affect their lives.

Marylin Dey

Certified Colon Hyrdotherapist

“I am a certified colon Hydrotherapist, a nutrition consultant and am passionate about detoxing and wellbeing. I believe self-education is the key to good health, and I encourage self-empowerment.

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